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 Properties :
Bend Properties

Rajuri 500 Bars have excellent bend properties due to the unique ductility (elongation values) obtained when using the German HSE Thermex Technology.

Corrosion Resistance Properties

Controlled water-cooling prevents the formation of coarse carbides, which has been cited as the main cause for the corrosive nature of common bar. Another reason for better corrosion resistance is the absence of surface stress caused by the cold twisting (and Torsteel) process.


Rajuri 500 Bars with carbon content less than 0.25% can be used for butt and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the weld joints.  No pre-heating or post heating is necessary in case of manual arc welding.

Fire Resistance

Unlike Torsteel and CTD bars, RAJURI 500 bars have high thermal stability.  They are the preferred choice when elevated temperatures of 400-600C may be encountered (Chimneys, Fires).

Earthquake Resistance

RAJURI 500 Bars have high fatique resistance to Dynamic / Seismic Loads due to its higher ductility quality.  This makes Rajuri 500 bars most suitable for use in earthquake prone areas.


Due to very high elongation values and consistent properties through out the length of bar, RAJURI 500 Bars have excellent workablility and bendability.

Strain Ageing

Due to unique and scientific manufacturing process and chemical composition, RAJURI 500 Bars show no tendency of embrittlement either during welding or cold deformation of welded joints.

Cost Effective

RAJURI 500 Bars required 15-20% less usage then CTD bars for it work with cost 5% more than CTD bars.  This results in overall saving of 10-15%.

High Fatique Strength

On account of High Strength and High Elongation valies, RAJURI 500 bars have higher fatique resistance to Dynamic Seismic Loading.

Excellent Bond Strength

In order to bear bother compressive and tensile load, it is essential that the steel & concrete behave as one unit.  This is possible only when bar bonds or grips the concrete.  The consistent, uniform and greater rib area of RAJURI 500, the contact surface area becomes more. So excellent Bond strength.
 Specifications :
  • Chemical Properties
  • Weight Tolerance
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Comparative Difference
 Applications :
  • Dams
  • Flyovers
  • Auditoriums
  • Industrial Buildings and other Applications
  • Bridges
  • Concrete Roads
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Other General Structures
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